Cheating In Exams

Earlier, it was presumed major cheating when students used to look at others’ papers and copy their materials. Now it is improved and being improved. Students learn education less than to learn sharp tips to cheat. Most students use materials “Packets” for cheating and in every stationery store, it is available. Students assume that it is necessary to cheat in board exams. As they look at their seniors. Even some of the teachers recommend them to do so. But nobody knows how it impacts their lives and our society. Achieving higher marks is a trend in society. People judge students’ capability by their marks. But it is very simple if a student cheated well in the exams, he/she will obtain higher marks and if competent students did not get a chance to cheat, he/she will procure fewer marks. It’s very easy to get full marks if your luck is with you and you have any relation with the teachers they administrate examination hall. No doubt students score higher marks but the question is, do they study to score marks only?

After completion of matriculation, getting admission to a reputed college is a challenge for all students. The reason is that they cheat and get higher marks every year. So the merit becomes higher and higher every year. It becomes tough, as they cannot cheat there, for them to get passing marks in entry tests. It’s not essential to attain impressive marks but education, which people do not care about. The reason, I guess, behind losing the value of education is people emphasis on marks instead of learning. Most people say that those who have done matriculation before 2000 are more refined than those who have done Masters and M.Phil afterward. It’s a simple thing earlier education was authentic. Unluckily today’s education is just a hollow education and full of admixture.

Before the value of education becomes zero, the government should take serious actions to stop selling cheat-providing materials. The exams should be taken appropriately. Getting higher marks is not promising but education is. As a result, we get many degrees but not the ability to work in any institution. Then when people look at such graduates, they claim that education is just a waste of time and nothing else. As they expect after graduation, we will earn money only. So we also must understand that education is not a tool to earn money but it gives us the ability to enlighten ourselves. By getting higher marks instead of learning, we will get hollow education and that education will not give us the proficiency to enlighten ourselves but just deliver the documents only.



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